Recap is a three-piece rap rock band from Hudson Valley, NY showcasing an experimental fusion of pop-rock, hip hop, metal, and electronic dance music. The dynamic blend of singing, heavy guitar, rapping, synthesizers, and strong percussion all lend to the eclectic subject matter that the band often explores.

Their unconventional yet accessible appeal has landed them two consecutive live DirecTV performances to audiences of 12,000 people (broadcasted to over 2 million viewers) at BlizzCon 2013 and 2014; sharing the event stages with Blink 182 and Metallica.

  • Dan Span
    Dan SpanRapper/Songwriter

    Dan’s sharp wit and meaningful lyrics make up the bulk of what Recap has to say. He not only raps, but plays the bass guitar and live synths.

    His major influences of hard rock and metal combined with rap is what helps give Recap a diverse sound unlike any other.

  • Dom John
    Dom JohnSinger/Songwriter

    With a heavy musical background of pop/punk songwriting, Dom brings a catchy and energetic vibe to Recap. Usually with a guitar in hand, he helps craft the band’s addictive soundscape.

    Before forming Recap, he released his self-titled solo album, “Dominick John“, in 2013.

  • Steven “SolidGold” Goldman
    Steven “SolidGold” GoldmanDrummer/Producer

    Joining Recap with the launch of Neon Milk, Steven is not only a skilled drummer, but an award-winning recording engineer and producer. Every song Recap launches is tracked in his own studio, Four Legs Records.

    The sheer quality of Recap is all thanks to his keen ear and experienced musical talent.

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