Band Update 10/11/14

IMG_2522Things have been crazy here in Recap land! We’ve got two big shows lined up in November in Austin, TX and Anaheim, CA (not bad for a new group), and have been hustling our butts off to make sure our live show is in tip top shape by then. Unfortunately, this means lagging on our cover songs… but the upside is we’ll be performing shows much sooner than anticipated.

Our show in Austin will be a full set, and we’ll be playing most of the songs off Neon Milk, so this is the perfect bootcamp to get us out of the studio and onto the stage. (and it’s HOBLOTH! Epic.)

So far it’s been mostly long days full of prep work (and money spending, broke band here): buying needed gear, travel cases, getting a custom live PC built, installing lots and lots of software, troubleshooting mics, setting up logistics, finding the perfect drum cymbals that don’t make us deaf with a hybrid drum kit. And wires… so many wires. All that’s left is to actually practice the damn songs! 😉

Watching this hybrid electric/acoustic band go live is showing us more and more how unique this setup is.

You may have also noticed we’ve got a snazzy new Recap website that’s much more streamlined to deliver news like this, and show information. Not to mention, it’s downright sexy.

Forgive us as we disappear again into the scramble, but we’ll do our best to keep all you guys updated on our happenings. Twitter or Facebook is where we tend to update the most.

And, don’t worry those remaining covers are coming! (We’ll be playing 2 unfinished ones live, so they gotta be) 😉

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  • Gabi Margadant

    Your store needs Space Bards mouse pads. I need some to actually use 🙂

  • Recap

    We're completely out of Bards mouse pads (not sure if we're going to order more), so hang onto that – super limited edition! 😉

    Don't worry, we're gonna have a whole bunch of awesome merch up on the store in the coming months. T-shirts, etc. Maybe some Recap mouse pads will make an appearance 🙂

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