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The full album ‘Neon Milk’ by Recap. 16 tracks.


Neon Milk is a catchy 16 track journey that explores the feeling of being an alien on your own planet. This loose concept album displays a wide variety of stylized songs that on the surface happen to center around the themes and feel of cosmic space, but when placed together offer a literal tongue-in-cheek tale about two mischievous extra-terrestrials who crash-land on the confusing planet of Earth. Underneath the antics, humor, and other-worldly novelty, Neon Milk at its core explores very human concepts of loneliness, adversity, determination, love, global consciousness, and the pervading struggle to find out where “home” really is.

Track List

1) Apollo 10
2) Secrets
3) Phone Home (Starship)
4) Earth Girls
5) That’s Life
6) Eyewitness Report
7) Be Who You Wanna Be
8) Fed Up
9) Sirius B
10) Change
11) Do You Ever
12) What We Do
13) Flight Check
14) Neon Milk
15) Dunno
16) Disco in the Sun


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